What are Chakra Harmony Plates?

The Chakra Harmony Plates are a physical representation of your Chakra system, and a tool to assist you in aligning and balancing your Chakras. The plates and spine are made of 99.5% pure aluminum, nature’s element that Nikola Tesla discovered is an excellent conductor of cosmic energy. The material, shape, colors, symbols and words all have their own unique frequencies, and together have a synergistic effect on the bioenergetic systems. Dr. Emoto’s research on the effects of the vibration of words on water molecules provided the inspiration to include the fundamental information of each chakra on each plate, amplifying the benefits on a cellular level. There is no right or wrong way to use the Chakra plates. Everyone will be compelled to use them differently, based on their needs and line of work. Massage Therapists, Reiki workers, and Intuitive Healers may incorporate the Chakra Harmony Plates into their sessions with clients. However any person, regardless of age, occupation, or skill level can use and benefit from the Chakra Harmony Plates. Set your intention, and allow the frequencies to attune to and entangle with your energetic field.